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Gem Sivad and Breed True!

I’m thrilled to have you on the blog Gem! Why don’t you tell us a little bit about Breed True!

In 2009 I began a series of western romances set in a mythical town of Eclipse, Texas. My first book, Intimate Strangers, had this scene in it:

A quarrel broke out between a well-dressed man and a shabbily dressed woman. Any misconception that the elegant attire clothed a gentleman ended when his slap reverberated in the air.
The too slender auburn-haired woman cradled her cheek as another man and hauled her attacker toward the outside door.
It was the opening Lucy needed. She approached the unfortunate woman, shielding her from the curious stares of the rest of the crowd. “Can I help you?”
“No one can help me,” the recipient of the slap answered and headed for the same door the men had used.
“Then you’ll have to help yourself,” Lucy advised briskly.
I worried about the above gambler’s wife after I finished Intimate Strangers. That led to Breed True, the story of Julie Fulton Rossiter and Grady Hawks, the man who rescues her.

I hear Breed True is up for a Covey Award! Where can we go to vote for you?

The Covey Award is awarded for best cover art. My claim to glory is that I was lucky enough to have Amanda Kelsey do the cover for Breed True. Here’s the link:

There are beautiful covers in competition this month. Whether you vote for Breed True or not, take a peek to admire Amanda’s work. If you want to vote for Breed True, it’s #22.

Where do you find your inspiration?

I don’t know. It just happens. I didn’t set out to be a western romance writer, but when I finished Intimate Strangers, the era felt so natural I stayed in the 19th century.

Do you listen to music when you write? If so, what music?

Yes I listen to music most of the time unless it’s a very intense scene. Those, I try to write in the middle of the night when all is quiet.
My taste in music is eclectic. Here are some standards I use a lot: Joe Bonamassa, George Benson, Easton Corbin, Nightwish, Dierks Bentley, Darius Rucker, and Michael Buble.

I have to agree on the quiet needed for intense scenes. I do a lot of writing at night too. Where can your readers learn more about you?

Visit me @ Gem’s Place-

What are you writing now?

About 6 wips going, haven’t felt drawn to one particular one yet. Five Card Stud will be released this fall from Ellora’s Cave—and two subs out, The Journal of Lucy Quince, and River’s Edge.

Because I work in multiple stories at a time, I tend to finish books in a cluster, than sub, collapse, focus on promo and rest while I regenerate brain cells. 

Yikes! Six at a time. You're a very busy woman indeed. Do you have an excerpt from a book that you’d like to share?

"Do you men like apple cobbler?" She set the hot apple confection on the table as she asked. As usual, her words were ignored as if she had not spoken. Grady Hawks watched her with interest this time, just as he had at every meal she battled wills with them.

"Guess you fellows don't like apple cobbler." She whisked it off the table after her initial question remained unanswered. Rowdy, knife in hand, was in the process of reaching for the dessert and howled. "Hell, yes, I like apple cobbler. I like apple pie too. Ain't much made with apples I don't like."

She cut a big slice of the hot cobbler and put it steaming on his plate. Then she carried the rest to the sideboard and set it down, standing guard over it so that it wasn't disturbed.

Grady Hawks rose from his chair and walked to where she stood barring the way to her cobbler as she dared the men to trespass and risk injury.

"I like apple cobbler too, Julie. Would you cut a piece for me?" Suddenly in front of the ranch hands who watched silently, now more interested in their exchange than in dessert, she blushed. It was incomprehensible how the gravelly pitched question could bring a flood of color to her face, but nevertheless, it happened. Heat scorched through her body, leaving her vulnerable and breathless with the memory of his touch the night before.

His eyes became half-slits, heavy with desire, as his gaze boldly caressed her, promising more intimate explorations after the men left them alone. She'd gotten what she wanted—their attention. But the trembling anticipation that filled her as a result wasn't the victory she'd planned. "Here," she picked up the hot plate and thrust it toward him, burning her hand in the process. "You serve dessert. I've got better things to do."

Before she could back away and hurry to her outdoor sanctuary, Grady caught her hand and raised it to his lips. He stepped closer, hiding his act from the other men as he opened his mouth and sucked on her burned fingers.

Breed True is available @ Amazon in both print and Kindle.

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