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Guest Author Virginia Cavanaugh - Secrets of Night

I had an opportunity recently to ask Virginia Cavanaugh, the author of Secrets of Night a few questions. Secrets of Night released on October 11, 2010 from Liquid Silver Books

What is the title of your most recent published book?

Secrets of Night

Where were you when you got your first book contract? Who did you tell?

I was at home when I received the email. DH had just got home from work and I think I kind of screamed the news at him, LOL. Then I called my mom and sister and then whoever else I could get a hold of.

What genre do you write and what draws you to it?

The two main genres of romance I write in are Paranormal and Romantic Suspense. I would have to say what draws me to them are the characters that develop in my mind. But recently I have had other characters in other genres starting to chat around in my head. And I also realize that when writers talk about the characters in their heads they start to look a little Paranoid Schizophrenic LOL.

Who is your favorite author, book or series?

This is a very hard question. I would have to say that right now it would be a two way tie between Karen Marie Moning’s Highlanders/fever series and Kresley Cole’s Immortals After Dark series.

Who designed your cover?

For Secrets of Night Amanda from Liquid Silver Books.

Do you have any tips for new writers?

Do not wear your feelings on your sleeve. Most people in this line of work are going to give you straight forward comments on your work and you need to be able to take what they are saying and apply it. Some times to drive a point home the comments might even boarder on rude. But I tell you, after a few responses you will learn the difference between critique and mean. For instance my own CP once told me my hero in a story was a butt hole and she didn’t like him. Then she proceeded to tell me why she didn’t like him in great detail, LOL. But never once was I offended by her comments. In fact I sent big hugs to her for it because I realized how someone else seen him. And I saw logic in her statements and seen how she came up with these comments. I didn’t want him to come across that way and was glad she pointed it out so I could fix it.
I have also been told a character was TSTL Too Stupid To Live. I actually laughed at that one. And again could see where that came across and changed it. You need to beware of those people that read your work in the rough before you ever sub and they are just ooo and aaahhh. Myself, I like my CP that will give me credit on the things I did right but I have not yet got an MS back from her that didn’t have something wrong. From everything to a typo to a Butt hole hero.  I highly recommend someone that will be tough on you but not mean. And there is a difference.

How are you the same or different from your characters?

I would say my humor comes through in my characters. But I really do try and watch giving them too many of my traits because then they will start to seem like the same characters with different names. Instead I would say that I get to know my characters before I write them so that I can make sure there are differences.

What is your guilty pleasure?

Coffee and Chocolate. Hands down.

Where can your readers reach you?

Do you have another project going now?

I am currently working on the second book in the Order of Night series titled Deceptions of Night. You will meet the hero, Lex, in Secrets of Night.

Do you have an excerpt from Secrets of Night that you’d like to share?

Kale followed closely behind Kierra as they approached the mansion. He strived to keep his thoughts on them getting into the house undetected, but was finding it rather difficult as his eyes continued to drift to her black, leather clad, heart-shaped backside, watching the sway of her hips. Her strawberry-blonde hair was twisted up in its usual fashion on the back of her head, showing off the slim column of her neck.
He couldn’t see much of her as she marched ahead of him in the dark, but he’d practically memorized everything about her. The black top she wore hugged her large breasts, causing a gentle swell to peek above the fabric. Her skin was like fine porcelain, and he craved to run his hands over its smoothness. A slight dusting of freckles ran across the bridge of her pert nose. But it was her eyes that always captivated him the most. The jade green deepened or lightened a shade with the change of her mood. It made him wonder what color they would be when filled with passion. He knew the rules though and knew that he could never have her. Her race only mated with mortal men, and yet he could not deny her beauty or the desire he had for her. She still filled his lusty dreams.
When they’d first met, he threw mild insults at her in an effort to push her away from him. He assumed if she thought he was a jerk, it would be easier to keep her at a distance. Instead, she had given back as good as she got, and over time, it became more of a flirtation.
Kale shook his head slightly as they arrived at the back door of the mansion and refocused. He scanned their surroundings for any sign of movement, but found none. The Vampire had to admit that the Shifters’ lack of attendance had raised a few questions for him as well. He had mulled over contacting the rest of the Triad concerning their absence, but in the end figured he had better do a little investigating of his own first. When he had arrived here tonight, he had planned to just check in and have a chat with the other Senators. He had been willing to give them the benefit of the doubt. Now with the abduction and the apparent illegal immigrants, he knew a chat was not going to cover it.

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I got my copy! Thanks for visiting with us Virginia!

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  1. Thanks Rhonda for taking time out to do this! I'm very excited about the release of Secrets of Night.