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Guest Author Rae Morgan

Why don’t you tell us a little bit about Earth Awakened!

Earth Awakened takes place in the world of the Terran Realm. Lily Redfern is an Earth Keeper, an elemental whose job is to keep the earth and those things attributed to it in balance. When a catastrophic earthquake hits the Midwestern United States, she discovers she is the chosen Talisman, an uber-Keeper who only arises when the end of the world is near. Carr Madoc is an Earth Protector and the Consort chosen by Gaia for Lily. While Carr and Lily race from one earth disaster to the next, the Air Talisman, Autumn Brody, also arises and must stop her Destroyer husband Algernon from unleashing cataclysmic storms upon the planet. Aiding her is her true Consort and Protector, Trent Steed. Unfortunately for them all, when the Earth is out of balance, things go to Hell fast. It will take all their combined powers to forestall the apocalypse and restore balance.

What can you tell us about Terran Realm.

The Terran Realm is an urban fantasy world I created for Liquid Silver Books. It is a world where elementals and other preternaturals live alongside, but unknown to, humans. The elementals have the duty to protect the Earth from an evil splinter group called Destroyers.

Where do you find your inspiration for Terran Realm and how many books are in the Series?

I was inspired to write this book because of global warming and the loss of species due to deforestation and the contamination of our land and seas. We only have one Earth and we need to take care of it for future generations. This mindset permeates the books in the series.

Including Earth Awakened, there are seven books. The first book in the series was Redemption by Keira Ramsay, followed by Bonnie Dee’s Measure of a Man and Fruits of Betrayal, Tiffany Aaron’s Troubled Waters , and Jeanne Barrack’s The Shimmering Flame and A Perfect Symmetry.
Suggested Terran Realm Reading order is –

1. Redemption -- Keira Ramsay
2. Measure of a Man -- Bonnie Dee
3. Fruits of Betrayal -- Bonnie Dee
4. The Shimmering Flame and 5. A Perfect Symmetry -- Jeanne Barrack's books really take place right after the end of Fruits of Betrayal and can be read as stand-alones -- but definitely need to read Shimmering Flame first. She concentrates on a rediscovered faction of lost Irish Terrans.
6. Troubled Waters -- Tiffany Aaron's book, can be read at any time, since it takes place in the TR world, but concentrates on one set of preternatual creatures (shapeshifters) alluded to in Redemption. Her books detail clan Najwa.
7. Earth Awakened -- Rae Morgan -- Takes place right after the end of Fruits of Betrayal and has allusions to all the books that preceded it including Jeanne’s books which take place during the same time period. My book deals with the end-time prophecy in the Book of Sorhineth and the arising of the Talisman.

Where can your readers learn more about you?

Rae Morgan is just one of my pen names and shares a web site with my other pen name, Monette Michaels. www.monettemichaels.com

Where can we buy Earth Awakened and the rest of the series?

All these books are at Liquid Silver Books, www.liquidsilsverbooks.com . Also, visit the Terran Realm site to find out more about the series and find links to the buy pages. www.terranrealm.com

What are you writing now?

I am currently writing the second of the Prime Chronicles trilogy, Prime Selection, under my Monette Michaels name. For now, Rae is taking a break.

Do you have an excerpt that you’d like to share?

This is the first meeting between Lily and Carr.

While the sun shone and a wild wind roared over the unnatural mound of earth upon
which the Talisman lay, the ground under and around her moved like a storm-tossed sea.
Trees and rocks jumped and rolled, and in the center of it all, she lay, hugging the ground
and trying her best to stop what looked to be an unstoppable catastrophe.
He’d never observed such giant-sized courage in so frail a package.

Pride, possessiveness, lust, and emotions so varied and intense he couldn’t even give
them a name, poured through him. His naturally strong instinct for survival expanded
geometrically. He vowed to protect her—protect both of them—so he could claim her.

Hell, he’d heard of the instant connection some Terrans felt for their perfect
complement, but he’d never known it to happen in real life. His parents’ union had been
an arranged match; they’d agreed to get along for the sake of perfect genes and pure
Protector bloodlines, but he’d never seen any real affection between them. For sure, he’d
never expected to find his mate—especially at the beginning of the end of the world.

Carr maneuvered his astral body lower, almost touching her physical one.

His woman was pale, fatigued, and on her last scrap of energy. Yet, she wasn’t
giving up. Her bravery and fortitude glowed around her, an aura tinged pure golden
white. She warmed his soul as well as exciting his libido.

He’d seen plenty of Earth Keepers work a quake, but nothing like this. If she didn’t
have help soon, she’d die—all her power, her life source had bled into the ground. Then
the gods help the humans and Earth, because he knew as well as he knew his own name
this quake was only the beginning. Everything he’d recalled about the Book and his own
gut feelings told him: Evil was afoot.

He just hoped the Book’s prophecies were true—that he was the “one” Protector, the
Consort of the Earth Talisman, because if he weren’t, this part of the world would be a
dead wasteland in a matter of minutes.

Reaching for her astral body with his, he enveloped her within his protection. His
essence sought and found her Keeper essence deep within the ground where he
supplemented her waning strength with his deep well of power. I’ve got you, Talisman.
Hang on.

What? What! Who are you? Her astral body struggled against the web of energy he’d
woven around her.

Shh, love, stop fighting me. You’re wasting time—and energy. Focus on the amulet
and your power. I’m adding my strength to yours. We have to stop this quake before all
hell breaks loose.

The woman laughed weakly. Hell has already arrived. Armageddon is right around
the corner … I don’t think I can … stop it … that is … not unless you have some really
major Earth powers to add to mine.

Just trust me—we can do it.

Her head turned, seeking him on the real plane. A frown creased her pale ivory
forehead. The expression on her face was filled with doubt—and pain. I can’t see you,
but I feel you. I’m going crazy.

Then we’re going nuts together. A slight smile creased her full lips. Concentrate. I
believe in you—in us.

As exhausted as she had to be, she managed to dig even more deeply into her core
and increase the level of quake energy she absorbed from the depths of Earth.
Merged with her, Carr was fascinated at her meticulous work under pressure. All
around her fragile physical body, strata of rocks that hadn’t seen the light of day since
Pre-Cambrian times shot through the surface like a giant set of pick-up sticks. Except in
this instance, the sticks looked more like parking garage ramps. The massive amounts of
energy released by the quake stirred the air and strong straight-line winds alternated with
mini-tornadoes of dust and debris, toppling trees and carrying them away. The landscape
was colored in sepia tones from the swirling clouds of dust. Geysers of water shot into
the sky from aquifers long buried deep within the limestone substrata.

And through it all, his Earth Talisman, silken ebony hair flying in the wind, torn
from a ragged braid, rode the ground like a seasoned bronco rider while her precious life
essence sought the depths of Earth in an attempt to quell the storm.

Even without his help, she’d reached the depth of five kilometers and had diffused
megatons of power into harmless ripples. She’d decreased what CNN had called a
magnitude 9+ quake down to one around 7.5. Yes, there would still be major destruction
and a rearranging of the topography of this area of the United States, but she singlehandedly had lowered the death toll considerably. Even if she weren’t the Talisman, KOTE would deify her for this day’s work.

Now all he had to do was help her reduce the damage even more while keeping her

I’m not sure I can go any further. Her mental touch wavered and barely tickled his senses. She was weakening again.

Yes. Yes, you can, soothed Carr as he projected even more of his seemingly unlimited
amount of strength into her through their mental connection. It had to be the amulet
providing all this extra power. He couldn’t ever remember having this kind of pure force
flow through him before.

Sensing her shiver, his astral body snuggled her corporeal one. He swore he could
feel her just as if he held her physically. With disembodied hands, instinct had him
tugging her body even more closely into his. He stroked her, warming her. Warming him.
She shuddered against him, hesitated, began to move away, then with a sigh that pierced
his soul, melted into him. Her acceptance of his “touch” trebled their merged power.
Together they plowed through another kilometer of bedrock in less than a second,
processing, repelling, and dissipating the destructive energy of the tectonic shift.

What did you do? Her husky voice was a whisper-soft breeze in his mind. His cock,
with a mind all its own, hardened.

I’m not sure, but it worked. Just keep going, he murmured, stroking her back with
incorporeal fingers. I feel your strength. You can do this. You are brave.

Both her astral and physical bodies trembled at his words, at his gentle massage. She
nodded and soldiered on.

He hugged her closer. Even in the alternate reality in which they worked, her curvy
rear snuggled his cock. Her ass was firm, a prodigious work of feminine art. His singleminded penis hardened to what felt to him like titanium steel. He swore he could feel the intense arousal in his real body, thousands of miles away. Carr chuckled at the image of his cock sticking out of his Army-issue BVDs. Ike probably wondered what the hell was going on.

Shaking his head, he returned to the task at hand—directing his thoughts and energy
to supplement his woman’s power. There’d be time for sex—later. If they lived.

Yet his resolve was tested.

Crossing from the real plane to the astral, her scent, a combination of lemon grass,
vanilla and amber, tickled his senses. His cock grew even harder. She smelled yummy.
How would she taste? Could he taste her during an astral plane experience?

He nuzzled silky black locks away from her neck and nibbled at a small spot behind
her ear. He groaned. Yes, he could taste as well as smell. She tasted like lemon
shortbread cookies. He licked a path from her ear along her jaw to the corner of her lips.
She trembled within his grasp, a tremulous feminine moan rustled through their mind
connection. A potent surge of energy swept through their joined essences.

Shocked, but pleased at the unexpected result, he experimented to see if he could
reproduce it. Carr revisited her earlobe, biting it gently, licking away the pain, and once
again their merged energies spiked.

What in the name of Gaia are you doing? she asked, her voice tremulous.

Carr murmured, Experimenting. He licked and nibbled a tendon on her neck. She
moaned, a low, guttural sound that reverberated through his body to his very soul. Again
their power increased.

Stop that! I’m trying to save this part of the world—and you’re making sexual moves
on me? Are you a pervert? Or just stupid?

Shhh. Something tells me this is the way to save the world.

Thanks for telling us about the Terran Realm and Earth Awakened! To learn more about the Terran Realm, Rae Morgan and Monette Michaels, visit www.LiquidSilverBooks.com.

My paranormal romance, NIGHTWALKER by Rhonda L. Print is also available at www.LiquidSilverBooks.com


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