Thursday, December 2, 2010

Guest Author Marisa Chenery

Thanks for taking time away from writing to chat with us. Why don’t you tell us a little bit about Leif's Surrender.

Leif’s Surrender is the third book in my Roxie’s Protectors werewolf series at Liquid Silver Books. Leif is one of the Protectors of the foretold one, the one who rules over all the werewolf pack. He’s also the Protector who said he never wanted a mate and was quite happy being on his own. Of course that wasn’t going to happen.

What inspired you to start writing?

I read my first historical romance novel and became hooked on them. I had tried my hand at writing when I was 16, but never finished anything. It wasn’t until my third son came along and I was addicted to reading romances that I decided to try to write one of my own. That was Lady Knight, which is now published at Siren Publishing.

You write vampire, werewolve, shapeshifting, historical, fantasy and you even have a teen book out. What draws you to these genres?

I basically write what I love to read. I started off loving historicals and slowly made the shift to reading mostly paranormals. It wasn’t until I got hooked on reading the Twilight series that I thought about writing a Young Adult book.

Do you listen to music when you write? If so, what music?

Yes, I listen to music when I write. I listen to movie scores, just music. If there is any singing, I’ll get distracted and stop writing.

Where can your readers learn more about you?

Readers can learn more about my books at I have all my books listed there in reading order along with excerpts. I also have all my coming soon books listed on the home page.

What are you writing now?

I’m writing the fifth book in my Ra’s Chosen vampire series that is out at Ellora’s Cave. It’s called Reincarnated Hunger.

Do you have an excerpt from your book that you’d like to share?

Sure do. This excerpt is taken from the second chapter of Leif’s Surrender.

Finishing his coffee, he put down the mug on the counter and went over to the fridge. He was in the mood for something to eat. He opened the fridge door, but didn’t see anything that appealed to him. Opening the freezer, he spotted the ice cream he’d bought the day before. He reached in and took out the carton of vanilla.
He took it over to the kitchen table and opened it. Roxie had already been into it since a quarter of it was gone. Having a hankering for some, Leif grabbed a big spoon out of the drawer. Usually not much of an ice cream eater, this one went down pretty good, creamy vanilla with just enough sweetness. Before he knew it, he’d eaten well over half the container of ice cream. There was nothing left but a few scrapings on the sides and the bottom.
“Oh, shit,” he said in a murmur.
Roxie was going to kill him. Wanting to hide what he’d done, Leif dropped the spoon inside the carton, closed it and hurriedly put it back in the freezer. What to do, what to do. He knew. He’d have to go to the grocery store and buy another one before Roxie found out. Yeah, that’s what he’d do.
Leif left the kitchen and planned to go upstairs and tell Kye where he was going when he saw Roxie coming down the stairs. She of course headed straight for the kitchen. He closed his eyes and waited.
Sure enough, he heard Roxie yell, “Hey! Who the hell ate all the vanilla ice cream? And who leaves a spoon in it?”
Deciding it was better to make a getaway now, Leif ran out of the mansion without telling Kye anything before Roxie came out of the kitchen. He was in his car and on the road to the store in less than a minute.
Arriving at the grocery store, all his senses started to come alive. Like a piece of metal drawn to a magnet, he headed inside. He sniffed the air, trying to single out one particular scent mixed in with the many. His mate’s scent was there, but weak. Realizing what he was doing, Leif gritted his teeth and forced himself to walk to the freezer section. He was not here to search out his would-be mate. He would not try to find her. He would make his purchase and get the hell out of there without seeing her.
But in thinking that, he ended up doing the opposite. After he grabbed a carton of vanilla ice cream, he went unerringly to the end of the line where his mate’s scent was the strongest. She was once again working the cash register for the express checkout.
The closer he moved toward her the more her scent washed over him. His cock throbbed painfully, straining against the zipper of his jeans. The need to touch and taste every inch of the woman who had no idea what she meant to him just about overpowered Leif. The wolf inside him threw back its head with a howl of longing.
His body shook when it was finally his turn to pay. He tried to not look at her, but after he handed her his money, his gaze lifted to her face. She gave him a tentative smile, as if unsure of herself or what his reaction might be.
That small, sweet smile was just too much. With a groan, Leif leaned over the counter that separated them, wrapped his hand around the back of her neck and pulled her lips to his. He hungrily kissed her, pushing his tongue inside her mouth to get his first taste of her. At first, her lips remained stiff and unyielding, but after he stroked her tongue, twining it with his, she started to kiss him back.
At the sound of loud whistles and cat calls, Leif jerked back to reality and to what he was doing. He abruptly released her and jumped back. His chest heaving as if he’d run a great distance, he looked at her. She stood there staring at him, her glasses slightly askew, looking dazed. The scent of her arousal filled his nose. He had to fight the growl that threatened to push past his lips.
Snatching up the ice cream, he dropped his gaze to her chest to look at the name tag pinned to her shirt. He only took the time to read it before he hurriedly walked away. With the taste of Jaden still on his tongue, Leif forced himself not to turn back and drag his mate away with him. He had one taste of her. It had to be enough.

Thanks for joining us today Marisa!

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