Wednesday, February 23, 2011

RoseMary Gunn and Hearts A Plenty

Congratulations on your book! Why don’t you tell us a little about it.

Thank you so much for inviting me, Rhonda! It’s a pleasure to be here. Hearts A Plenty is a contemporary novella set in the small town of Awry. (Yes, that’s awry … as in the way things have a tendency to go.) We meet Claire and Jared and get a glimpse of their unique relationship, then things really heat up when Mark arrives in town. I should probably mention that Mark is Claire’s stepbrother. They met when their parents married the previous year.

Where were you when you got your first book contract? Who did you tell?

I was at home when I received notice that Liquid Silver Books wanted to publish Open Proposal. I was almost too sick with nerves to open the Email and read it. [grin] For about three seconds! Though it was late, I called my best friend. There was a lot of screaming and happy dancing around the living room.

What genre do you write?

I write romance … the hot stuff. [wink] I’ve written many different types of things over the years, but finally found my true passion in erotic romance. Everyone deserves to be with someone they love, there should always be smokin’ hot sex, and [for me anyway] a Happily Ever After is absolutely necessary. Erotic romance covers all three of these requirements. So far, I have two published contemporaries, Open Proposal and Hearts A Plenty. Both can be found at my Website. There are a total of four books planned for the Vintage Love Series, of which Hearts A Plenty is the first. As with most writers, there’s a warehouse full of characters pacing around in my head, patiently waiting (and not so patiently, in some cases) for their shot at the keyboard.

Do you have any tips for new writers?

Keep writing … even when you don’t feel like it. And believe me, there will be days when you don’t feel like it. We each have stories tumbling around in our heads, but the only way to share them is to keep that appointment at the keyboard each day.

What is your guilty pleasure?

Oh my. Noun or verb? [laughing] I absolutely love old stuff. That’s one of the reasons Masons Salvage came to be in Hearts A Plenty. I tend to be somewhat of a packrat though and much of what I scavenge is of little use to anyone but me. I scour garage sales for old junk: photo frames, tattered books, wooden boxes, vintage linens, houseware items … and tables! My most guilty pleasure though is almost embarrassing to admit to, simply because it’s such a go-go-go world we live in … I love napping. Yes, curling up beneath a nice soft blanket for a half an hour or so is absolute bliss for me.

Where can your readers reach you?

Ooooh, I love to hear from readers! My Website has links to all the usual places: E-mail, Blogger, Facebook, and Goodreads.

Are you working on another book?

Yes! I’m currently working on Tattered Hearts, the next book in the Vintage Love Series. Tattered Hearts will tell the story of Stella and Eric, two troubled individuals you’ll meet in Hearts A Plenty.

Do you have an excerpt you’d like to share?

You bet! I would love to introduce your readers to the adventurous lovers of Hearts A Plenty, Claire and Jared. Thank you again for having me here, Rhonda!

Readers who leave a comment stating what Claire drops on the floor will be entered to win a copy of my previous release, Open Proposal. (Be sure to include an Email address in the comment so I can send it to the winner.)

This is Chapter One of Hearts A Plenty:

“Of course, I’ll be there. It’s been weeks since I’ve seen you and Daddy and I’m dying to see Jill’s baby.”
Claire Mason wandered around the condo as she talked on the phone, a habit that Jared Young had enjoyed watching during their many months of dating. He listened as she made her way through the kitchen into the living room then back down the hall toward the entry. He was surprised the floor didn’t show signs of wear from the circular route she typically traveled.
As part owner of an architectural salvage business, Claire’s place had an eclectic blend of many different eras. The brass and stained-glass light from the early twentieth century in the entrance illuminated a rough strip of barn wood lined with metal hooks and the jackets hanging there. In the hallway leading to the entry, an antique cherry-picking ladder attached horizontally to the wall provided the perfect complement for the black-and-white family photos showcased between the rungs.
The furnishings she used to create her home provided some insight about her quirky tastes and passion for her business, but none of it really mattered to Jared. He’d been content in the office/living area above his restaurant before more of his stuff started staying at her place than his.
From his vantage point he could see her reflection in the ornate floor mirror by the front door. Strain pulled at her soft lips and tightened the delicate curve of her jaw. Her sadness tugged at his heart. She stopped and leaned her forehead against the wall. The lavender in the old metal newspaper box that was secured upright usually helped to calm her, but it wasn’t working tonight. She closed her eyes and shook her head, maybe hoping some of her denial to whatever Dorothy was saying would travel telepathically through the phone.
Jared had been stretched out on the vintage sofa watching Claire as she talked to her stepmother, but now went to her and wrapped his arms around her waist from behind. She wore a white tailored blouse with a classy high neck, unbuttoned just enough to hint at the delicious upper curves of her breasts, and a tan wool skirt hugged her hips. Just like her home decor, it made no difference to him what she wore; she always looked beautiful. She’d worked at the shop and attended a meeting today, but her T-shirts and jeans got him riled up as well. He’d like it if she’d wear just nothing at all. He didn’t have any problem wrapping his body around her curves and keeping her warm on the cold Michigan nights.
She settled against him. He heard and felt the steadying breath she took, knowing she drew strength from his touch. He had a feeling about where the topic had turned, which was confirmed by her next words.
“And Mark knows of this proposed arrangement?” Jared smoothed his hands up her sides over her ribs, feeling the soft shiver of awareness flutter through her. His own body tensed as he waited for Claire’s side of the conversation. He cupped the fullness of her breasts, rubbing the hard peaks through the crisp cotton and thin lace covering them.
“I realize that we’re family, Dorothy.” Emphasis obviously being repeated, though Claire’s words had a breathless quality that Dorothy Pierce-Mason’s had probably lacked. “That doesn’t necessarily mean that Mark is going to feel comfortable staying at my place while he’s here.” Another silence as Claire listened. Jared’s heart had settled somewhere in his throat as his mind quickly sifted through the many possibilities in the near future.
Jared took his time unbuttoning the blouse, dragging his fingers along the deep cleft of her breasts, wanting to run his tongue along the heated, scented flesh. Claire wore a sexy musk perfume that never failed to wind him up. He could feel the heavy thumping of her heart against his hand and also where his chest rested against her back. His own heartbeat kept pace with hers.
One by one, he released the small steel buttons. She lifted her hips slightly, finding the hard line of his cock and thrusting gently back against him.
Jared was always ready for Claire. She walked into the room and his senses heightened even as his brain ceased to function.
As he brushed her heavy mass of rich mahogany waves away from her neck, and feathered his lips against the rapid pulse beating there, he thanked whatever God was listening for the woman he held.
He slid his hands to her hips and squeezed through the long wool skirt, grinding the solid bar of his cock into the cleft of her butt. She continued her sensual gyrations against him, her cheek pressed to the wall. She moaned softly, covered it by clearing her throat, then apologized into the phone.
“No, no. I’m fine. Mark is always welcome in my home, Dorothy. You know that, just as he does.” More silence. “Okay then, that’ll be fine. I’ll expect him on Thursday evening.” Silence. “I’m sure Daddy is thrilled to have Jill’s family there, too. He hasn’t even been into the shop since they’ve arrived.” Silence. “Okay, Dorothy. I’m looking forward to seeing everyone next week as well. Good-bye for now.” She clicked the phone off and dropped it to the floor.
“I take it we’re to have a guest,” he said. There was no way to know how the other man would respond to what Claire and Jared had been fantasizing about. Jared did know that the images of Claire pushed to the extreme limits of her pleasure, stretched between him and a man he had yet to meet, made him ache to begin.
She rocked her hips in a rhythm that had Jared’s blood pounding to the center of his body. Her cheek still rested against the wall and, with her eyes closed, she nodded. He kissed the flushed, hot skin of her cheek. He nudged aside the collar of her cotton blouse, then bit the tender flesh where her shoulder met the elegant line of her neck. Her low moan had nothing to do with pain as she reached up to slide her fingers into his hair, her short nails scoring his scalp and sending a shudder through him. “Finish unbuttoning your blouse, Claire.”
She trembled in his arms, but did as he asked. Sadness filled her soft green eyes. “I’m sorry, Jared.”