Friday, February 11, 2011

Welcome to the Valentine's Day Blog Tour!

My name is Rhonda L. Print and I am a paranormal romance author.

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This is a weekend to celebrate love, romance and get a few nibbles of eye candy along the way. So lets get started with my short story to today's picture!

The door crashed open before I could give my answer. Maury rose from his knee and placed himself between me and the very angry man eating up the space between us in long, easy strides.

His long legs strode with a confidence only he could pull off without looking too cocky. He held his arms loosely at his sides but I could see his hands compressing into fists then releasing again in barely controlled fury.

“I thought I made myself clear, Andrew.” I lifted my chin and crossed my arms across my chest in defiance.

"You do not love him Elise. Why would you marry him?” Andrew's deep voice boomed across the room sending shivers of delight along my spine.

I sighed. In my world love and marriage had very little to do with one another. I was a Lupa, a she-wolf, and it was my duty to my pack to complete a treaty that had been made shortly after my birth. To marry Maury would continue the peace that my pack had enjoyed for the past twenty-one years.

To deny him would cause a war that would jeopardize the people I loved.

My heart sank in despair.

I wanted to spend all the days of my life with Andrew. Relive each night we’d stolen in each others arms.

I told him that the previous night would be our last. My father had arranged my marriage to the son of a rival pack leader upon my birth and I had no choice but to honor the arrangement.

I should have known that Andrew would attempt to stop me when, he responded by capturing my mouth with his.

I probably did know but simply didn’t want to acknowledge my fate.

Andrew deepened the kiss and I willingly fell into it, gliding my tongue into his mouth as if to seal the taste of him there for an eternity. My hands ran across his broad shoulders, savoring the feel of his muscles flexing as he picked me up and carried me to the bed.

I locked my thighs around him and raked my fingers into his hair as he trailed kissed down my neck.

He set me on the bed and stood before me, undoing each button of his shirt so slowly that I thought I would go mad with impatience. Before he’d reached the last button of his shirt, I had undone the fly of his jeans and was sliding his zipper down, freeing him at last.

He laughed as he pulled my shirt over my head then his eyes glazed over with lust. My skirt quickly followed my shirt and was thrown into a heap on the floor.

As our bodies joined my eyes welled with tears. Joyful ones for the love he filled my heart with and sorrowful ones for the knowledge that this would be the last time I would feel him fill me so completely.

I jerked myself from the memory.

“Andrew, you should not have come here.” My voice rose to barely a whisper. “Go home.”

“You heard her.” Maury growled. “Get out! She belongs to me now.”

I belong to Maury.

A possession.

No more important to him then the car he drove or the clothes he wore.

Anger rose within me, coloring my cheeks with rage. I choked it back, remembering my duty and the danger everyone I held dear faced if I turned away from Maury.

Destiny was an evil bitch!

I looked at Andrew, the man who loved me above all else.
Then I forced my gaze back to Maury before heaving out a long breath and letting my eyes fall to the floor.

The choice I made now would seal the fates of many. Which man should I choose?

There was only one answer.

“I’m sorry…” I whispered.

I hope you enjoyed my rendition of the picture!

It just wouldn't seem right to let you leave here without tempting you with some chocolate! Enjoy!


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    Happy Valentine's Day!

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    Added a new book to my wish list!
    Happy Valentine's Day!

  3. Nothing wrong with a little tease....teehee
    Chocolate....Man.... Why decide. Get Both!
    Glad you liked it! Thanks for stopping by! Dont' forget to add yourself as a follower for a chance to win the book!

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  14. Thank you all for the kind words. Stay tuned to the blog, I'll have to finish this one.

    Who do you think she'll marry?

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    Happy Valentine's Day everyone!

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  19. Thanks everyone! I'm glad you all stopped by! This has been a fun blog. I hope you all have a happy valentines day!

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    It was a lovely, uh-serving platter wasn't it Lil!

    Thanks for stopping by. Check back in Wed Feb 16th- I'll be announcing the winner of Nightwalker to one of my followers!

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