Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Disenchanted Christmas by Sandra Sookoo

Congratulations on you book! Why don’t you tell us a little about it.

Thanks! My latest book is entitled DISENCHANTED CHRISTMAS and is a mix of historical and paranormal goodness. Here’s the blurb:

Christmas in 1899 starts as a joyless affair. Bethany Cundiff has hit a rough patch of life. While caring for her young niece and nephew, she’s evicted from her residence and fired from her job ten days before Christmas. To make matters worse, a gentleman who desires her company for the holiday, and has the money to back up the promise, propositions her for sex.

Blake Wenchal is a disenchanted elf that’s been banished from the Northern Realm and Santa’s court because he’s lost the spirit of compassion and charity. Lonely from years spent by himself, he’s thrown off balance when Bethany accepts his ill-advised offer of paid bed mate—except she arrives on his doorstep with children in tow.

Neither one counted on the power of love, acceptance and the miracle of family to make the holiday unforgettable.

Buy link at Liquid Silver Books: http://tinyurl.com/237tu4s

Where were you when you got your first book contract? Who did you tell?
Oh Lord. Let’s see. That was over 2 years ago. A couple of days before Thanksgiving, late in the day. I received the news via email and called my hubby to let him know. My husband is always the first one that gets the news LOL

What draws you to write your genre and sub genre?

The challenge of it all. I love to push myself to write in different genres to keep the brain sharp. Besides, I never know how far I can go unless I try it at least once.

Do you have any tips for new writers?

First, you won’t learn how to write unless you…write! If it’s something you’re dedicated at, you’ll write. And remember, writing is a huge amount of work and learning. Keep that in mind and proceed.

What is your guilty pleasure?

Playing any of the LEGO games on Xbox LOL

Where can your readers reach you?

My website is the best: http://www.sandrasookoo.com. From there you can link to my blog, Facebook and Twitter.

Are you working on another book?

LOL I’m always working on another book! Right now I’m 2/3 through a new sci-fi romance. After that I’ll be back to historical for a bit.

Do you have an excerpt you’d like to share?

Always! Here’s a brand new excerpt from DISENCHANTED CHRISTMAS:

"Do the kids know you are the benefactor?" Bethany's eyes were wide and round in the weak light, much like John's, and just as vulnerable. "Do you not want accolades?"

Did he? Perhaps years ago he had. Now? Those things were simply not as important as they had been before. He made the toys because he enjoyed the work.

Her gaze held his, sure and steady, and his conscience urged him to blurt out his secret. In the end, his courage deserted him and he sighed.

"Only the headmistress and my neighbor, Mrs. Abermarle, know. I do not want praise or public approval. It is my way of helping those less fortunate."

"You are truly the most selfless person I have ever met." Without warning, she threw her arms about his neck and hugged him. "You then extended that same kindness to me and my children when you were within your rights to toss us out into the street."

For the space of a few heartbeats, he did nothing. He couldn't. Happiness bubbled within his chest from her touch, her closeness, and it was as if he'd always been with her, as if he always should be.

The deep blue of her eyes drew him deeper, closer, until he had no desire to move. If he were honest with himself, he hadn't believed he'd have the chance to hold her in his arms after his behavior. When she didn't seem inclined to pull away, he gripped her waist, looked again into her eyes and gently lowered his mouth to hers.

Her lips were velvety soft and enticed him, spurred him to further exploration. Settling her more firmly in his arms, he teased her mouth with his tongue, ran its tip along their seam until they opened from his insistence. Bethany made a tiny sound of pleasure and tightened her grip around his neck. That little mew nearly drove all reason from his mind and he deepened the kiss, as if he'd been there before, but every second he embraced her was new and exciting. For every stroke and thrust of his tongue, she mimicked the actions until he broke their connection out of necessity and stepped away before his erection could strain against her stomach.

One more kiss and he'd be compelled to go much farther.

To give up everything. Even now, his ears tingled, a sure sign they would resume their normal shape if he lost control.

He wanted to lose control. It had been a long time.

He held her at arm's length as fear and elation played for dominance within him. "If everyone is as thankful for my work as you, maybe it would behoove me to let the deeds be known."

"Regardless of what you would receive, I do agree you should at least tell someone." She gave him a grin that shot prickles of need through his gut to lodge in his groin. "Why keep the secret?"

If only she knew the extent of his secret.

"I like the comfort of anonymity." If she insisted on gazing at him with that wide-eyed innocence, they would be up the stairs and tumbled in his bed before the night was over. Once that event occurred, he would not be able to keep his identity covered any longer.

How did you come up with the title?

Well, I knew the hero was a disgruntled sort of person, and the title just sort of fell into place after that.

Do you work on one project at a time or multiples?

I usually try to keep it to one project at a time. If something really jumps out at me from a different project, I might change directions, but one is enough if I want to do it right.

Is there one particular thing that you find challenging about writing?

Learning all the different nuances about the craft. I want to learn all I can as fast as I can but sometimes that’s not possible and I need to be patient LOL

Who is your favorite author?

I have many favorites in different genres. It’s difficult to pick just one.

What are you reading now?

At the moment, nothing. I’ll take up pleasure reading again after Christmas.

Are your characters a reflection on you or anyone you know?

Many times my heroines hold aspects of me. Sometimes a secondary will take on a persona of a friend. Once a heroine was modeled after one of my friends and her exploits LOL

Do you use more than one pen name? Why?

No pen name. I’m not embarrassed about anything I’ve written and if other people have issue with what I write, that’s their problem, not mine LOL

I totally agree. I don't use a pen name either. I'm very proud of my work.

How long have you been a writer?

I “wrote” my first “book” when I was 10. After that, I could always be found with a pen and paper. It has never stopped LOL

How many books have you written? How many have been published?

LOL Oh Lord. I think the published number from this year is like 21. Pop into my website to see what I’ve been up to.

Do you find love scenes difficult to write?

That depends on the book and/or the characters. Some are more difficult but in the end, it’s just another scene. Write it and move on.

Do you characters talk to you?

LOL Sometimes I dream about them. If it’s something I really need to remember, it’ll wake me up and I’ll have to write it down.

Who controls the storyline, you or your characters?

I write an outline prior to doing the whole book but it’s like a guideline and is subject to change depending on what the characters do.

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  1. This looks very good and I've never seen Cundiff used before. That is my married name and most people can't pronounce it, lol.
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