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Happy New Year! 1/11/11

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photo compliments of Aaron Rohde

Our tongues danced together and I revelled in the taste of Justin, and, more importantly, the sweet taste of victory.

Finally! I thought to myself and quivered in anticipation. By the time Justin opens his eyes and realizes that he has just sealed his fate, and fulfilled my destiny, it will too late.

Too late for his pathetic girlfriend, Chloe; well ex-girlfriend, thanks to my meddling; to reclaim Justin and definitely too late for Justin to withhold his power of sight from me any longer.

I cracked my eyelid open, just enough to see Alicia and Elijah, toasting in the New Year, one that would have solidified their place in this dominion had I not been able to secure Justin and his gift as my bloodslave. It is too late for them too.

And Artemis, poor misguided Artemis. He sat at the bar alone, holding his glass of scotch securely in his hand. The last drink he would ever imbibe.

In moments the final bell will strike, heralding The First Year, 1/11/11, my year. The lights will be swallowed by darkness. Then Artemis’ blood too will be shed. I’ll open his carotid artery with my fangs and swallow every drop, savor it as his blood pulses into me, the warm power seeping into my own veins.

I felt the muscles in Justin’s neck twitch at the same moment that the sensation crept down my spine. Shit!

My eyes flew wide, searching the crowd for the only two people on this planet that could ruin me.


Then a sliver of light, just enough for me to see the blood.

Only it wasn’t me swallowing Artemis’ precious blood. It was my blood, flowing crimson down my chest as I lie in the back room of the bar with only a window to show me the outer room. The outer room where Alicia and Elijah stood flanking Artemis. Bear and Mouse, ever the faithful bodyguards, protecting them all.
And Justin, embracing Chloe. Damn!

“How did you know?” I turned my head back as far as I could, still only able to see a small portion of Ian’s face. Leah stepped into my view and then I knew the answer to my own question.

“It was of no use for you to try and separate us.” Ian shared a look with Leah that I could only guess at. “It doesn’t matter who tries.” He kept his eyes on her as they swirled blue-black with pinpoints of light blazing in them. “It cannot be done. We are bound together.”

Leah sighed. Whether in defeat or acceptance I could not tell.

“Besides Victoria.” He flashed a sinister smile, exposing his own fangs. “I could smell your evil stench anywhere.” Ian turned those dark eyes back on me. They would likely be the last things I ever saw. Unless-,

The lights flickered...

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