Monday, January 3, 2011

Last Call with Olivia Brynn

Today I have Olivia Brynn on the blog couch and she has a very hot excerpt to share with us today.

Welcome to the blog Olivia! Why don’t you start by telling us a little bit about Last Call!

Thanks so much for having me! My latest, Last Call is a short story, a contemporary erotic with a bit of humor thrown in. Here's my short blurb: Eric didn't know what he was getting into when he answered his phone. A misdialed number and an inebriated woman make for a long Friday night.
Last Call is a fun little romp that made me smile while I wrote it.

How many books have you written?

Last Call is my fourth release, but my alter ego Alanna Coca also has four. I've got two in the queue, one releases next month, and the next soon after. I guess that makes six, so I beat Alanna!

Do you have a favorite character from one of your own books? Who and why?

Hm, can I pick a favorite character from each book? In that case I'd have to go with…oh. That won't work. Can I pick a favorite hero in each book? And a favorite heroine? That would be easier. I fall in love with them all. Wow, good question. Sorry I can't answer it!

If I were reading your work for the first time, which book do you suggest I start with?

I guess I'd have to ask you your preferences. I've got short and hot stories, two interracial books, a contemporary western…a little bit of something for everyone.

How long does it usually take for you to write a book?

If I actually sat down and turned off the Internet (haha) it would take me about a month, but that rarely happens. My first book For a Price took me four days, but it was only 26,000 words, and that book is the exception, not the rule. That didn't really answer your question, did it? Wow, I'm failing this interview!

How many books do you write in a year?

Again, that depends on the story, and the length of the book. During 2010 I wrote four, two are short, two are longer.

Do you promo backlists when you’re writing a new book, or dedicate your time solely to writing?

I was told that the best way to promote a book is by writing another. The deeper I get into this whole author-ing thing, the more I believe in that suggestion.

Are any of your personal experiences reflected in your writing?

There's a little bit of me in every heroine I write, but mostly they live out my dreams. Fast cars, hot men, Mexican vacations, and they're never pre-menstrual!

Where can readers find you?

My website I'm on Twitter at and I share a Facebook page with Alanna:

Are you working on another book?

Always. Alanna has a few she'd like to write, and I really want to write the sequel to Falling Star, an M/M featuring Dean, the heroine Jade's best friend. I even have the perfect guy for him too. I can't wait for everyone to meet him.

Do you have an excerpt you’d like to share?

How about one from Last Call, at the beginning of chapter two, where the publisher's official excerpt leaves off?

Joanne smiled. Waking up in the warm embrace of a man had to be one of the best things in life. She snuggled against the hard body. Clothes? Andrew?
She opened her eyes, and looked up into the face of the man in bed with her. Strong jaw, whiskers, full lips slightly parted, and strong brow. It wasn't Andrew. It was Kevin's friend Joe, who had picked her up from the bar.
She moved closer, and closed her eyes again, listening to his deep even breathing, and the steady beat of his heart. Not many men would have driven across town to pick up a friend's little sister. Or treated her with the compassion he had. Kevin must be a very good friend of his. She'd have to grill her brother about this guy. She thought she knew all of his friends. Maybe Kevin was keeping her from him, knowing she'd be lust-struck. But he did send Joe to The Ranger.
She smoothed his T-shirt over the hard curves of his chest. Breathing in the faint remnants of his cologne, clean and masculine, like sandalwood and hickory, was a reminder that she didn't know him from Adam.
But he did smell nice.
And he looked nice too. Chiseled features only softened by sleep and a shadow of whiskers. A long narrow nose, slightly crooked—she imagined it had been broken at least once. Even his Adam's apple appealed to her. She traced the stubbly protrusion with a finger, fascinated at the movement when he swallowed. Still, he slept.
She slipped her hands beneath the T-shirt, encountering a smooth back. Very nice. Is the front smooth too, or ... no. Mm. Crinkly soft hair. She found a nipple in one tuft, and used the pad of her middle finger to tease it until it grew erect. When that wasn't enough, she gathered his shirt until she could dip her head beneath the sheet and taste that nubbin.
He groaned, and his hips bucked against hers, but he didn't wake up. Joanne smiled, and moved to the other nipple.
Her head still buzzed from too much alcohol, but this she knew. This she could focus on. Salty male skin against her tongue. She trailed her lips down rippled abs, and reached ... damn. Jeans. Undaunted, she worked on the button, then the zipper, which made a delicious sound in the quiet apartment.
She walked her fingers beneath the flaps of his fly, and under the waistband of his underwear, until his hot flesh filled her palm. The musky scent of man filled her nostrils, and made her mouth water.
He sighed, rolling onto his back. She followed, engulfing the tip of his cock in the same movement. She wasn't sure if he still slept, but his hips answered each pull of suction. When his jeans and underwear got in the way, she held him in her mouth, and used both hands to bring them down below his hips.
"Mm." Perfect. His balls were free. She reached down to cup them in her palm, roll them with her fingers. She wrapped her free hand around the base of his now fully erect staff, and squeezed.
"Holy shit."
He was awake.

Woo! Is it hot in here? Awesome excerpt Olivia! Thanks for sharing it with us today!

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